Cambridge Book Review

[Issue #2, Spring & Summer 1998]

From The Tenting Cantos

By R. Virgil Ellis

[Consisting of 100 sequentially-numbered poems by R. Virgil Ellis, The Tenting Cantos can be downloaded from the Internet as a PDF file from Woodhenge Press. Ellis's essay, "Jellystone: An Introduction to The Tenting Cantos," was written expressly for Cambridge Book Review to accompany the 5 poems reprinted here from his book.]

Jellystone: An Introduction to The Tenting Cantos

CANTO 8 -- How rare

CANTO 13 -- I come up smoking

CANTO 21 -- Let no voices

CANTO 59 -- Did you really mean

CANTO 60 -- This late in March


R. Virgil Ellis is a widely published poet and multi-media artist. His books include The Blue Train and The Tenting Cantos. Recordings on CD of his performance poetry include Open My Eyes, Lunar Crescent Wrench, and Dangerous Odds. He lives in the Cambridge, Wisconsin area.

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