Cambridge Book Review

[Issue #4, Winter 1999-2000]

Glass Cocoon
Christopher J. Jarmick

Words flowing from somewhere
Sparked by a muse
Of the Spirit

Turning from text here
Into feelings there

From black and white
Into rich color.

The mind's eye?
No, the Spiritual eye.
Transforming a word
By itself so cold
Into something

The words
On the page
Soon to be more
Like a caterpillar...
In a
Glass Cocoon.

So close to becoming
A splash of vividly bright
To be more for a moment
Than just black and white.
To defy simple description
As the colors
Take flight.

Ah... if only it was true.
If the ego balloon
Was really not just hot air
Or platitudes
But... a
Living creature in
A Glass Cocoon.


Christopher J. Jarmick is a Seattle writer, marketing consultant, poet and former TV producer/director. The poem "Glass Cocoon" is excerpted from a novel he is co-writing with Serena Holder to be published in 2000.

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