Cambridge Book Review

[Issue #14, Winter 2007-2008]

Canto 82 The center and from the center

R. Virgil Ellis

The center and from the center shifting fields.
The center and the observer surrounding the center.
The center lost to the observer lost in the singularity.

The center and from the center facets of the jewel.
The center and shifting reflections of light.
The center lost to the meditator lost in the self.

The observer measures always closer to the center.
The meditator thinks always less of thought.
Always more to measure, always more to self.

Measure light-years to the event horizon.
Meditate through space-time to the light.
Be open to the dimension of love.

The event beyond the horizon happens here.
The light behind the jewel shines now.
Be open to powers of the heart.

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R. Virgil (Ron) Ellis lives near Cambridge, Wisconsin. He is Associate Editor of Rosebud magazine as well as its art director and web author. His chapbook Bone Flute has just been published by Parallel Press. He has numerous print publications as well as CD's and DVD's of his performance poetry. His most recent release is a CD entitled The Story of Andro: A Rock Cantata, reviewed by Wendy Vardaman in a forthcoming issue of Free Verse. His site is


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