Cambridge Book Review

[Issue #5, Winter 2000-2001]

Long Shot Odyssey

Walter Bruno

[In this work, the poet returns to Paris, the center of his memories. He confronts the building where his lover, once a lusty youth, is now a married man with children. He tries to put this man into some sort of framework. But his lover, a cameraman, has always controlled the "frame." The lover now takes command of the shots. Flashbacks take us into the memory bank of both men in a variety of risky settings. In the end, the poet finds a fixed position from which to view this experience. -- W.B.]

Canto I
Canto IV
Canto VI
Canto XVII

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Walter Bruno has worked as a journalist, essayist, theater writer, critic, and publisher. Long Shot Odyssey is his first book of poetry. He teaches at a community college in Canada.

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